Why Stafford Tuition Centre?

Stafford Tuition Centre Provides

  • Fully Trained, Qualified, and DBS-Checked Teachers with Experience in School Teaching

    Other Providers May Offer : An Instructor Trained to Monitor Worksheets

  • A Purpose-Built Centre with Proven, Specialised Resources

    Other Providers May Offer : A Village Hall or Other Multi-Purpose Space

  • A Choice of Sessions with Flexible Lesson Times Each Weekday, Plus Saturday

    Other Providers May Offer : Limited Slots on a Drop-In Basis

  • 80-Minute Lessons with a Personalised Programme for Each Student – Designed to Target Weaknesses and Build on Strengths

    Other Providers May Offer : 30-Minute Lessons Comprised of Market-Standard Worksheets

  • Weekly Homework Carefully Chosen to Reinforce In-Session Learning

    Other Providers May Offer : Daily Homework Consisting of More Worksheets

  • Small Groups of No More than 5 Children

    Other Providers May Offer : Large Groups of Children

  • An Emphasis on Individual Attention and Tuition – Students Learn Skills They Can Use at School

    Other Providers May Offer : Worksheets Completed at Home without Help

  • Competitive Pricing, Outstanding Value for Money, and No Need for a Large Up-Front Payment

    Other Providers May Offer : Instruction Rather than Tuition with Large Advance Payments

Contact our Tuition Centre, in Stafford, Staffordshire, to learn more about the best-in-class tutors we have to offer.