What We Do

Stafford Tuition Centre opened in July 2014. In September 2018, Dominic Crane became the new owner of Stafford Tuition Centre. 


Since the Centre opened, hundreds of children have become successful linguists, mathematicians and scientists with the expert tuition that they have received. 


Alongside Dominic, five highly experienced and dedicated teachers work with the Centre's students:  Lucy, Judy, Alec, Yvonne, and Alison.


We are all very proud to work at Stafford Tuition Centre, building the confidence and skills needed to be be successful learners throughout life!


How We Teach

Our Centre employs a tutorial system built upon a series of comprehensive computer-based programmes. These are integrated with structured worksheets and textbooks. The programmes we offer have proved successful in helping children overcome difficulties with spelling, reading, writing, and mathematics. All of our pupils follows individually tailored learning programmes. The teaching we offer may also be tailored to meet the needs of a specific exams such as the 11+ entrance exams, KS2 SATs, and GCSEs and A-Level.

Our Director

Dominic Crane, the director of our Centre, is a highly-qualified professional with more than 25 years of experience teaching primary-aged children in West Midlands schools. In addition, Dominic is a qualified SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) and has been held other senior leadership positions in Staffordshire schools, including Deputy Head Teacher for eight years. He still actively involved in supporting students in their school setting, by providing intervention sessions in the mornings.


Helping Children Thrive

The tuition we offer is designed to offer children the motivation they need to succeed in meeting challenging yet achievable targets. Children work at their own pace. As they succeed, the children we tutor find the process rewarding and enjoyable so their confidence improves. Crucially, our courses are structured to avoid a sense of competition among students.

Consistent Progress

At Stafford Tuition Centre, we understand that some children simply require support, confidence and enthusiasm in order to learn. The materials we utilise are graded to ensure that the progress made is constant and accelerated. When children are behind in their learning, our aim is to help them catch up as quickly as possible.

Arrange a Free Assessment

Every child is provided with a free, no-obligation assessment by prior appointment. At the same time, parents’ concerns are established. The results of the consultation will be discussed with you confidentially. A scheme of work will then be devised for the individual student. This scheme is continually evaluated to ensure that your child makes optimal progress. To find out more, or to book a free assessment, don’t hesitate to get in touch via phone or our online contact form.

Tuition is available during school hours for children who are Home-Schooled or 'Educated Otherwise'.

Please contact the Centre for details.

Contact our Tuition Centre today, in Stafford, Staffordshire, to learn more about the reputable tuition we have to offer.